No trucks from Texas for Harper

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$274 million for 1,500 trucks

No trucks for our troops!


When Stephen Harper came to power six years ago he said to himself « What I need is 1,500 new military trucks for the army.”

So he gave the contract to an American firm down in Texas.  George Bush was very happy – 700 new jobs for Texans.

But the Canadian Truck Industry was furious. So were the Canadian Auto Workers.

Don’t worry, said the Texans.  We’ll have the trucks ready for you in two years’ time.

Two years came and went. No trucks, then three years, four years, no trucks, five years and now we’re into the sixth year.

Finally our military had enough. They sent inspectors down to Texas to find out the problem.

Well, these things take time, they were told. And we had to translate the repair manuals into French, they said.

Into French?  Can’t you drive these trucks in English?

No worries, they replied, we’ll have these trucks up to you by 2014.

That’s when Harper decided he’d had enough and he cancelled the order.

Now we’re starting over six years late.

Next time you’re ordering trucks, Mr. Harper, make sure you order them in Canada.


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