Jean Chrétien emerges again

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Picking up money for Bob

Chrétien\'s back!


Jean Chrétien, Prince of the Mauricie and Seigneur of Lac des Piles, has emerged from his sylvan lair in the woods of Shawingan and back into politics again.

This time as an armchair quarterback for the impoverished Liberal Party.

He’s arrived just in time to give a hand before Christmas to his little buddy Bob Rae who needs money really badly.

Chrétien has written a letter to a lot of old friends and some journalists too, including myself, asking for hard cash.

The object of his non-affection in his letter is Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who went to the same school of mean politics as Chrétien did.

Harper is turning Canada into the sort of place we don’t want, writes Chrétien.

First, Harper abandoned our participation in Kyoto, the first time a Canadian government ever dishonored a foreign treaty it had ratified.

Then Harper abolished the gun registry even though every cop in the country wanted it kept alive.

So what’s next, Chrétien asks. And then he makes hoary suggestions.

--Harper abolishing a woman’s right to choose on abortion ?

--abolishing gay marriage ?

--bringing back the death penalty?

He doesn’t say Harper will do those things. He just makes the suggestion.

Just like Harper’s guys making “suggestions” to Irwin Cotler’s constituents in Mount-Royal.  

Quick send us your money and we’ll stop it from happening. Sounds like the scare letters I get from the Conservatives.

Oh yes, Harper would have brought us to war in Iraq.  Chretien makes no mention that Michael Ignatieff would have done the same.

Just send us your money. We’ll do the rest.

Liberal leader Bob Rae is probably happy with all this. He can use the money. Nice to know the old guy hasn’t lost a beat.

Maybe Rae will even lean over to Chrétien and whisper in his ear: “Monsieur Chrétien you’re the plus-meilleur prime minister this country has ever had.”

Chrétien would like that.



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