Vic Toews is furious at Liberal Tweeter

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Messy divorce on the internet again

Rebound #2!

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews was fuming last week because the fellow who exposed Toews' divorce on Twitter last week has a job again with the Liberal Party.

Toews said it proved that the Liberals were behind the smear job against him. He didn't explain how exactly it proved that.

Toews tweeted twice last Thursday denouncing Adam Carroll, a Liberal aide who resigned in February after being identified as the creator of Vikileaks30 which targeted Toews and his messy Manitoba divorce.

"I see @ AdamGCarroll is back to the Liberal Party, after crocodile tears of Bob Rae and Justin Trudeau" Toews wrote on his Twitter.

That must mean that Rae knew what Carroll was doing, Toews continued, without providing any evidence to back up the accusation.

40 minutes later, Toews tweeted he wanted Bob Rae to give money to the federal treasury to make up for what Carroll had done. Toews did not set a precise amount he felt Rae should contribute.

@ Vikileaks30, was created by Carroll after Toews accused a Liberal MP of supporting pedophiles, because he had dared to criticize government legislation that would allow police to rummage at will without a judicial warrant in public computers.

Carroll set up Vikileaks30 and invited the public to use it so Toews would know how it felt to have people poking into his private life.

One of the first old pieces of gossip to resurface was that Toews' wife had divorced him because he'd gotten the babysitter pregnant.

There was talk at the time that it cost Toews a judgeship in Manitoba, something that Stephen Harper neither confirmed nor denied.

Harper still has no comment to make



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