Martha Hall Findlay apologizes to Trudeau

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She's sorry now, Justin

Martha Hall Findlay, one of Justin Trudeau's leadership adversaries, had to apologize to him for hinting during the big Liberal debate on Saturday that he is a wealthy elitist who has nothing to offer the middle class.

This is important because Trudeau goes around saying that he's in the leadership race to help the middle class forgotten by Stephen Harper and his Conservatives.

Hall Findlay asked Trudeau asked during the debate how he could understand the problems of the middle class, without spelling out that Trudeau inherited more than a million dollars from his late father.

Pierre Trudeau was always asked the same question when he was in politics.

Justin Trudeau answered that his material fortune is not relevant, and that all that matters is his commitment to people.

Hall Findlay was booed by a few spectators during the debate and was strongly criticized on social networks. The Trudeau fans don't take kindly to anyone knocking their hero.

After the debate, Hall Findlay said her comments about Trudeau were not personal. Sunday, she thought it over, read the social network postings and posted an apology to Trudeau on her website.

Trudeau did not immediately react to her apology.



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