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My last column for TC Média

Harper still in hot water over appointment

Max Bernier charms Montreal business

Prince Charles insults Vladimir Putin

Canada scores high in economic performance

Harper is preparing his elections

Harper's new election law passes Commons

Former Harper aide charged by RCMP

Harper vs. Chief Justice gets nasty

A fortune wasted on F-35 fighter jets

Smear campaign fails against Trudeau

Harper's security is costing us a bundle

Vets have had it with Harper spectaculars

Crackdown on Foreign Workers in Canada

The party at 24 Sussex goes all wrong

Harper and Couillard hold Bridge summit

Harper's senators reach him with their report

Nigel Wright cleared by the RCMP

Harper goes after Sheila Fraser

Is Mulroney yearning to replace Harper?

Conservatives investigate one of their own

Senator cleared of sexual harrassment

Conservatives plan new marijuana law

Trudeau is writing his memoirs

Cheaper flights for Harper pals

Stop selling arms to Russia says NDP

Supreme Court Nails Stephen Harper

Harper celebrates soldiers' return his way

Mysterious departure of Jim Flaherty

Vlad impaled by John Baird

Why call the boy Hadrian?

Trudeau hides platform details

Mulcair softens towards Trudeau

You’re Paying Their Free Lunch

Brazeau is watching nude dancers

Conservatives Smear Retired Gen. Leslie

Flaherty makes strange accusation

Ottawa Budget More Political than Financial

Tony Clement and the fight over sick days

Harper gets even with Elections Canada.

The sponsorship program goes Phhht !

Fake spy operation at the airport

Mounties charge Harb and Brazeau

Conservatives picked up the most money

Conrad Black loses his Order of Canada

Fantino battling war vets

Trudeau pulls off a masterful coup

Another deficit budget this year

I got a letter from the Conservatives

It turned badly in Israel

Vic Toews becomes a Manitoba lobbyist

Neil Young Rips into Harper

Rob Anders could be finished

Conflict of interest for Chuck Strahl?

The Liberals are closing in on Harper

Nathan Cullen defends Obama from Harper

Conservatives having problems

Conservatives: still running a deficit

Scandal in Harper's Office

Year-end Government Tricks in Ottawa

Harper and Guergis in court showdown

Mail home delivery will end in 5 years

Stephen Harper loses two senators

Senator Dallaire hits a lamp post

Duffy is back in hospital for his heart

Harper defends Mint boss James Love

Liberals aiming at Irving Gerstein

Pity poor Stephen Harper

Auditor-General clobbers Harper

Now there are as many as three cheques

Pierre Poutine is still hiding

Harper has a secret fund

The judges are laughing in Harper’s face

Commons slugfest continues

Ministers’ offices cost $ 56 million

Back to the Duffy scandal for Harper

Sen. Duffy says thank you for the money

The witnesses want to stay anonymous

Harper keeps changing his story

Bad appointment by Harper

The worst week of Harper’s political life

Harper got the name wrong in Brussels

A throne speech full of platitudes for us all

Trudeau pulls way ahead of Harper

When statistics don't lie. . . well almost

Another Duffy scandal leads right to Harper

Brazil furious at Canadian spying tactics

Trudeau recruits star candidate from military

Senator Stewart Olsen under investigation

National Defence: No spy bugs here !

No spy bugs here says National Defence

Zambito brings in Conservative senators

Chinese spies bugged the Nortel buildings

Harper snubs the United Nations opening

Time to fix up the crumbling Senate

Harper hits us with Action Plan ads

Duffy: A little more truth comes out

Harper patrol boat costs keep going up

Senator Wallin pays back every last cent

Sen. Wallin still owes Senate $100,000

Great political move by Parti Québécois

Survey shows Justin Trudeau still No. 1

Harper off to Russia to lecture Europeans

Thomas Mulcair wants to abolish the Senate

Senator Mac Harb leaves unexpectedly

Harper was getting ready for war in Syria

Justin Trudeau steals the show from Harper

No Montreal colors for Toronto bus drivers

Harper is already on the campaign trail, sort of

Harper's tough military decision

Harper's biggest scandal to date

Montreal, Maine & Atlantic survives

So where has Justin's fortune gone?

Canadian gays could be jailed at Olympics

How Harper got into the Duffy scandal

Trudeau wants marijuana legalization

Harper refuses inquiry on murder of women

Trudeau leads in approval ratings

Harper becomes our arms dealer

Harper's propaganda ads cost us $ 113 million

Balloon effigy of Sen. Mike Duffy goes up

Harper's aides are leaving one at a time

Harper wants a list of his "enemies"

Lisa Raitt makes her first visit to Lac-Mégantic

Ed Burkhardt is confused and contradicts himself

Railway had special permission from Harper Govt.

Georges Laraque is after Denis Coderre's riding

The issue of the death penalty for homosexuality

Harper's people knew about the secret money to Mike Duffy

John Baird on free vacation in London

Stephen Harper did the right thing this week

Sen. Mac Harb has to pay back $231,000

Harper meets his Queen in London; he loves her

MP Eve Adams in trouble with Elections Canada

Are Conservative MPs ' trained seals?'

Conservative official has to pay $400 fine

Conservative senators call in Auditor-General

Harper loses another Conservative MP

Honi Soit qui mal y pense

Duffy e-mails lead to Harper's office

Nothing is beyond 'Old Man' Chrétien

Harper in way over his head with scandal

Stephen Harper ducks Parliament

Judges helping Conservatives with money

Justin up in Quebec; Harper slips a bit

Jacques Demers thinks of leaving Senate

Harper takes off for Peru and Colombia

Mike Duffy causes much grief to Stephen Harper

Spanish lessons at our expense

NRC will be there for business, not just science

$23 million spent to monitor news media

Conservative Blue replaces Government Green

Harper has lost $ 3.1 billion somewhere

Harper takes over CBC, Canada Post and VIA Rail

Conservatives go after Trudeau's sexuality

Going for another run at Trudeau

Was the timing of the arrests political?

Trudeau has problems with Denis Coderre

Harper Bodyguard Named Ambassador

The Commons gets its brand of Scotch

Trudeau and Mulcair are related way back

Brian Mulroney endorses Justin Trudeau

Big NDP convention in Montreal this weekend

The little guide for the perfect immigrant

Michael Sona charged by Elections Canada

Time to put election crooks in jail

Harper beats back revolt in his ranks

Keith Ashfield ends up on his own hook

A very generous pension plan for the man

Crime rate down; provinces have to pay more

Harper and Flaherty try to agree on deficit

Trudeau could beat Harper in Ontario

The employment insurance crisis worsens

Dr. Arthur Porter wanted by police in Quebec

Garneau wants one-on-one against Trudeau

Liberal campaign shows signs of life

Acadian champion Yvon Godin fights for jobless

Getting a job is as easy as changing your clothes

Martha Hall Findlay apologizes to Trudeau

Senate boondoggle worsens

Justin Trudeau is richer than you think

Aboriginal women are victimized

Senator Brazeau gets 'paid' holiday

Metis and 'Non-status' Indians win big in court

Senator Mike Duffy in hot water

As hot as ever in the Commons

Harper's Taj Mahal taxi cost us $1,000,000

$10,000 to see a hockey game

A second Canadian plane for Mali?

It's all over for Chief Theresa Spence

Contradictions on the war in Mali

Indians Protest Turns Perfectly Peaceful

Harper gears up for another war

Canada halts humanitarian aid to Haiti

Crisis with First Nations Worsens

Trudeau reveals leadership strategy

Federal Govt in conflict with First Nations

Gun Show regulations abolished by Harper

Harper in no position to talk about gun control

Harper brings in anti-union law

Hunting down another Senate boondoggle

Cord them two to a cell

Harper clobbered by F-35 cost fiasco

There was almost a brawl in Parliament

Conservatives thinking of less gun control

Justice Mosley will probe 'robocall' allegations

Garneau: new star in the Liberal firmament

Eating tainted meat

Senator Brazeau gets popped again

Harper plays couch warrior on our dime

Harper can't balance the budget

Trudeau wants to decriminalize marijuana

Lawyers cost us half a billion dollars

Mr. Harper Goes to Delhi

Putting masked demonstrators in prison

Stephen Harper loves to travel on our dime

Harper admits his error

Harper's loony language stats don't stand up

Conrad Black blows a fuse

The truth about Julie Couillard

Kevin Page wants Harper in court

Another minister caught up in a scandal

Growing scandal at the McGill super hospital

The Americans say China is spying on us

Broadbent is Back in Politics

When the meat goes bad, what to do?

Trudeau impresses in Calgary

Trudeau: A launch prepared in heaven

Women say "Dump Ambrose"

Parliament takes up abortion debate

Trudeau into the race next Tuesday

Salary increase for MPs in the works

Flag war erupts again with Quebec

Is Harper giving away jobs to foreigners

And now they are three

Putin calls Harper a "Trotskyite"

Harper begins counter-strategy against PQ

Anglo media go after Pauline

Pauline Marois has Harper on a tightrope.

Survey on Harper versus Mulcair

Harper destroys gun registry

New Chief of the Defense Staff for Canada

Make up your mind Mr. Trudeau!

It's all Harper's fault. . . once again

Stephen Harper as a "cannibal?"

Secret CSIS committee on the use of torture

Some feds joining in the Quebec election

Vic Toews is furious at Liberal Tweeter

Harper says "N0" to provinces

Opening St. Lawrence Gulf to oil exploration

Jason Kenney and the 'foreign gangsters'

Conservative crackdown on nude dancers

Americans coming to police us

Harper's Chef Gets a New Salary

Harper pulls off his bogeyman act

Tony Clement sells soap in China

Surprise evidence in Guergis court case

Harpers brags at Stampede

The political tragedy of Minister Bev Oda

Harper as a great Canadian warrior

Senator-Boxer Brazeau insults reporter

Liberal leadership takes a weird turn

Harper looks after his own

Harper goes after "immigrant criminals"

Bar Association suspends Bernard Valcourt

Harper won't reveal budget details

Slumber time in Parliament

Bob Rae says "No" to Liberal leadership

Cleaning up the Senate one rule at a time

Rae wants to be full-time Liberal leader

Harper wants to cut scientific research

Bev Oda in hot water again

Suspected killer hunted around the world

So what were the real costs of the attack jets?

Stephen Harper nude sells for $5,000

Fiscal year ends badly for Stephen Harper.

The Mounties spied on Jean-Paul Sartre

Harper squeezes Unemployment Insurance

Moore worries about sex exhibition for teens

Eating the meat of dead animals

Did Harper keep his promise on abortion ?

Harper turns away free lawyer

NDP push for more bilingualism

Harper celebrating; still sliding in the polls

Harper loses historical documents to shredder

Harper fudges departure from Afghanistan

Another military scandal

Why did Harper get the figures wrong on the jets?

Pierre Poutine trail leads to Conservative HQ

Ruth Ellen Brosseau back on top of her world

The truth about the F-35 fight jets

Did Harper tell the truth?

Poor Christian Paradis

Trudeau collects his boxing match wager

Trudeau scores TKO over Brazeau

Heritage minister breaks promise to CBC

General suspects Harper Government

One thing to remember in a federal budget

Smith's breasts are no longer behind the back wheels

Penny-pinching MPs won their elections

Christian Paradis in trouble again

Is the Governor-General left out of the loop?

Harper says No to inquiry

Harper spends money on big party

Boxing match on Parliament Hill

The MP who sleeps in Parliament

Stephen Harper really had no choice

Quebeckers share in election scam

Netanyahu drops into Ottawa for a visit

A second electoral scam comes to light

Harper wins the day for the tar sands

A monstrous electoral scam

Harper's internet spying legislation

Trudeau was right

Vic Toews’ lack of class

Torture can be used says Harper government

Okay to shoot at intruders says Nicholson

Harper creates his own crisis

Three-month old booted out of Commons

Senator Boisvenu’s bumble

Harper wants to cut Old Age Security

Duceppe loses out in Quebec

Tony Clement contradicted by new document

Putin challenges Harper to hockey game

NDP hammer Lise St-Denis for leaving

Duceppe going to Québec to join Marois?

Minister calls youth a "jackass"

Canadian military gear is stolen in Afghanistan

Prison jobs for laid off public servants

Attawapiskat : Situation getting worse

The rich are getting richer

Peter MacKay gets married

A Harper gift for the Festive Season

Trudeau calls Peter Kent a "piece of sh**."

Attawapiskat: Harper thought it was over.

Harper declares war on Chiquita Banana

Dewar's plan for Canadian youth

Jean Chrétien emerges again

Trudeau loses temper in the Commons

Nycole Turmel is a poet

Harper needs a new paint job

Jail as a holiday resort

No trucks from Texas for Harper

Harper's not-so-secret agenda

Harper and Rob Ford are Fishin’ Buddies

Stéphane Dion wants your money

Toronto, French Town!

Bathroom story from Brazil

French mistake in Cannes

Harper gets fished

Layton Works Hospital Shift

Quebec will have less power

Three losers win Senate seats

Canada dead last again

Liberals pondering their leadership

Voting into a deep hole in Toronto

Major political change in Québec

Liberals discover Jack Layton

Bad move by Ignatieff people

Layton is on a roll

Pay raises for Conservative staff

NDP in first place in Quebec

Harper’s cleaning lady

The polls: nobody noticed Layton

Cop does flip-flop

Harper spent a fortune in election ads

Harper tests out an election ad

Handshakes but no handouts

Sheila Fraser Gives Harper a Headache

Harper wins another international prize