New movie theatre for Orléans

Catherine Kitts
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Ciné-Starz Orléans replaces Mayfair

In just two short weeks, popular Gatineau movie chain Ciné-Starz plans to open at the Orléans Town Centre on Centrum Blvd. The theatre, which plans to expand from a three-plex to a six-plex by the end of the summer, will be replacing the Mayfair Orléans, which closed down, in February.

Owner of Ciné-Starz Orléans, Bruce Gurberg, says new Orléans Town Centre Cinema will cater to the community. 

“We have a great town centre but there’s always room for improvement,” said Orleans Ward Councillor Bob Monette, who is being credited largely with influencing Ciné-Starz owner, Bruce Gurberg, to move into Orléans.

“I was told we’d have the support of the Orléans community and everyone behind us,” said Gurberg. “So, I went ahead and signed a long term lease hoping to be here for a long time.”

Gurberg is putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into a complete renovation which will see new digital projection screens, including an additional three viewing rooms, new carpeting, upgraded seating and adding 3D capabilities. “I run a very well run theatre for a very discounted price,” said Gurberg.

With prices not finalized, the owner, who has run a Ciné-Starz in Gatineau for the last eight years, says an adult ticket will cost no more than six dollars. He also says that the cinema will be offering discounted prices to seniors and children, as well as group offers and not one, but two “cheap nights”.

When asked if he’s concerned about the failure of the previous two theatres, Gurberg, who characterizes his cinemas as “community-based”, doesn’t flinch.

“We’ve been in Gaitneau for eight years, and we’re in between two big theatres out the there. It’s the people there that love it and when people love it, they will come again. If they come once I’m sure they will come again.”

While the new Ciné-Starz Orléans will be showing first-class movies they will be several weeks old, in order to offer the discounted price. “It pays to wait,” says Gurberg.

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