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Rudi Mangulabnan

It never fails and I’ll never understand it.  I’ve been living in Orléans for more than 20 years and for as long as I’ve lived here, I’ve seen so many near miss accidents from people driving too fast and/or simply not paying attention because they’re on their cell phones.

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I live on a street with lots of kids and a speed limit of 40 km/hr.  I upset other drivers on a daily basis because I actually drive the speed limit. 

Drivers either flash their high beams at me, honk their horns, drive right up to my bumper, or some simply overtake me, even though there’s no passing down the streets in my neighbourhood. 

Last week a driver pulled up next to me (on a 2-lane street) at a stop sign and started swearing at me, telling me I was driving too slow.  I told him simply that there are too many kids that play on this street and I refuse to go over the speed limit. 

He swore at me some more before peeling off down the street. 

I see parents dropping their kids off at school and then speed out of the parking lot and down the street so that they can hurry up and get to work.  Speeding doesn’t get you to your destination much faster than if you actually went the speed limit – stop signs and traffic lights prevent you from that. 

I see so many cars pass by me like they were a police cruiser chasing after a criminal, only for us to end up in the same spot – waiting at the red light at the next intersection. 

How many people – how many children – have to get hit by a car before people start slowing down?  Does it have to be their own child before they slow down?  Does it have to be a close friend or family member?  Does it have to be themselves getting seriously injured, or worse? 

Is where they are going so important, or is reading and responding to that text so critical, that they have to put their own lives and the lives of others at risk?  The answer is always no - always.     

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